Bottle Top Art

Bottle Top Art

Bottle Top Orang-Utan’s?  2012

Really? Is there anything that we don’t do? The answer is yes, boring or un-imaginary stuff. So when we were asked, “We’ve got about two thousand bottle tops in different colours and we want to make a sort of re-cycled save the rainforests picture: can you do that sort of thing?” We said, “Er, yes I don’t see why not”.

As always we wanted to work with the kids to make something that was as permanent as possible for their school. This meant that each bottle top had to be bolted with micro-bolts to a sheet of Perspex, allowing the light to permeate through the piece and giving it a wipe-clean weather proof finish.

The kids did almost every bit of the project, from the design work to the drilling and fixing of the bottle tops.  We loved working with them and from what they have said I think they enjoyed it too, judge for yourself:

“Dear Luke, thank you for EVERYTHING! I loved doing the Black Country stuff and bottle tops! Love, Ella.”

“Dear Luke, we have loved doing the artwork and the bottle tops, we will miss doing all these amazing things. From Abigail. ”

“Thank you for another fantastic project!”   Steph Ladbrooke, Year 4 Teacher.