The Titanic Anchor

The Titanic Anchor

Netherton Town Centre 2010

Bringing home the Titanic Anchor was one of the proudest moments in our director Luke’s career. As a Black Country man Luke was key in the making and returning process of the anchor which was originally made in Hingley’s of Netherton.

Originally appointed as a consultant for Channel 4’s Documentary Titanic The Mission, Luke was quickly snapped up to an on screen role as Historian. However, Luke’s hands on skills were evident and the production company re-wrote the format of the programme to include him as a member of the build team as well as historian. The episode dedicated to the Anchor was seen as Luke’s episode, and due to this he was able to play a major part in the returning of the monumental Anchor to Netherton, an opportunity for which he will always be grateful.

Due to the demands of the television company the anchor was forged out of the Black Country in Sheffield Forgemasters where the ten tonne flukes were cast in sand and the great shaft had to be pressed under a five thousand tonne press.

The procession which met the anchor when it was pulled by 20 shire horses from Dudley was ten thousand strong. The event was so popular that the streets were lined ten deep for two miles, the recent occasion matching the original for fame and exceeding it for numbers. Once drawn from Dudley to Netherton the anchor was lowered into place amid the crowd with an eighty tonne crane. Netherton now its permanent home it will stand as a monument to the town which was the center of Anchor making in the world for a century.

Great thanks to Terry Alliband and everyone else who contributed to the images below.